Playing with an extension or not is a personal preference no doubt. And with the exclusion of "BATA", almost all of the current top players on the professional circuit are either using longer shafts or they be Rockin an extension (EXE).

I personally Have been trying out this option in a couple of weights and sizes and am finding some undeniable improvements in power control and timing.

This 4-inch extension has a 4 ply carbon fiber handle capped by aluminum with a polycarbonate thread and bio-degradable pushed plastic. 

This is a really light option that is hollow and fairly balanced for accurate and well-timed cue action.

Obviously, this was inspired by Tom's line in the "color of Money" but I actually became aware of it through the game designer who created "DOOM" the FPS from the late 90's, Id Software co-founder John Carmack in a 1999 interview, “was how I viewed us springing the game on the industry.” The rest is history.

Make your own history
and help your opponent experience some DOOM