Gods are an important part of mastering the discipline of pool

Forms of expression most commonly used by gods during pool matches tend to be fairly negative and equally discriminative towards all players, which is in line with common religious practice outside of the pool environment.
(see also billiardmathics)

Physical representations of gods (totems) are often required to appease, show reverence and hopefully avoid the wrath of said gods. 
This may seem silly to the casual observer but to a professional who may be just 1 in off away from losing a match, the protection derived from having your pool god with you during the execution of the shot in question is obviously an immense advantage over your opponent.

These totems are in no way an attempt to provide or coerce proof of the existence of this god or in fact any other gods, nor do we endorse as an organization any other religiousness servitudes.
We do however support any and all belief systems related to the attempt at perfect cueing and correct timing. 
Although the gods involved here are similarly obtuse in their derision they can be inexplicably varied when discerning the players' personal requirements and level of experience.

cueism offers the absolute personalization of your pool based belief systems, we intrinsically know and understand at a cult level that to prove the existence of this god or any other would obviously deny its existence and hitherto possibly our own in the process (as proof denies faith and without faith then god is nothing), this would be inherently bad for business and so we absolutely guarantee proof of absolutely nothing.
But they are real in the sense that you can order from the shop though.

Resources in god creation


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